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Our services


PHCS & HC has positioned itself strategically such that all products and services are internationally acceptable and contain best practices. We specialised in the following systems:

Both company’s motto are very competitive pricing.

Our focus areas include:

• Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Systems and assessments)
• ISO22000:2004 Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP)
• HACCP Management (SANS 10330 and SANS 10049 Systems)
• International Maintenance Evaluation System (Assessments with report on premises)
• Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) (Based on HACCP/ ISO 22000 principles)

• Accredited Training (Food safety, food handlers & Management, SHE, HIRA, etc.)
• 3rd Party Audits ( OHS as well as Food Safety)
• First Aid Levels 1 – 3

• Hygiene, cleaning and Pest Control services
• FSMS maintenance programs
• Forklift/Lifting equipment training (issuing competency certificates, F1/F5)Novice as well as re-training
• Racking & Stacking training
• Fire Fighting all levels, Basic to Master 4as well as Fire Agri training
• First Aid boxes (Supply, inspection and replenishment)
• Working at heights training
• Basic scaffolding training
• Accident/incident investigation
• OHS Safety Plans
• Workplace Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety Systems development

PHCS & HC are Food Safety and OHS consulting companies operating nationally as well as internationally providing the following services:

Training and Development
- ISO 9001;14000;18000
- ISO 22000
- FSSC 22000
Food Safety/OHS Systems Development


- ISO 22000
- FSC 22000(FSSC 22000)

- ISO 9000;14000;18000
- OHS safety plans
Auditing Services
- GFSI (Basic & Intermediate)
- GAP Audits

- Supplier Audits
- Hygiene Audits

- OHS compliance audits

We meet the needs of clients through maintaining a wide range of experienced consultants and are in association with national and international expertise in the Food and OHS industry. We further strive to exceed the expectations of all our clients through excellent customer service, adding of greater value and more than 35 years of experience in our fields.

Services Overview

PHCS & HC provided services that are all aimed at compliance and certification as required by applicable legislation and where required, achieving international recognition. The services include Assessments, Assistance, Advise and supporting products as well as training in several fields.

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